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Love It

The store we used to buy these toothbrushes stopped caring them. We searched and tried 4 different brands and weren't happy with any of them. Either they were too hard or too soft. I even had one brand where the handle bend while brushing. Luckily i found them again at another store and was SOO happy. Thanks for making a great basic toothbrush with too many gimmicky things.


the search stops here !

No need to keep searching, trying, comparing, or looking for another review to read on this product besides this one right here, and this is coming from the most unbiased person on this planet. This is the best toothbrush period. Like the first reviewer mentioned, I couldn't find it where I used to buy it, and was very pleased to find another place that carries it. I want all of you reading this to buy this toothbrush, in order to raise the demand, and have more stores carry it so that I can be sure they would always be in stock. I buy the "soft" version of this toothbrush, but you can buy whichever type of intensity you please, but the soft is perfect for me. This beats any other toothbrush, electric/manual/ect !!! I can't stress it enough, you won't be disappointed, I love this toothbrush so much that you would swear I work for, or am affiliated with Oral-B, but I'm just a very satisfied customer for such a fantastic basic toothbrush, no need for nonsense gadgets! Here are other products I will recommend to prove I'm real and know what I'm talking about --- the best deodorant for men -> "Dove Men +Care Extra Fresh Antiperspirant" (make sure it says antiperspirant) ! Best body spray -> "Axe Anarchy for him" Best air freshener spray -> "glade spray powder fresh" You all will be extremely satisfied with my recommendations! have a wonderful day !

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Los Angeles, CA

Really nasty tasting bristles

I bought a new four pack of these and I had already rinsed the toothbrush and put it in my mouth while opening the toothpaste and the blue bristle has a bitter nasty taste. I tried another one from the same pack and then opened a new pack that was medium. Same nasty taste to the blue bristles. It is too unpleasant to brush with.

No, I do not recommend this product.

Response from OralB

OralB Consumer Relations Comma Text 04/20/2016

I am sorry to hear about your unusual experience. Did you contact us when this happened. We would appreciate getting additional information so we can make a full report, answer any questions you may have, and make this up to you at the same time. Our toll free number is 1-855-236-3353, M-F, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. We hope to hear form you soon!