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Does P&G have a school program or donate to schools?

While we don't have a sampling or donation program, we do offer excellent puberty education programs for educators in the United States.  A variety of P&G brands participate in these programs, including Secret, Old Spice and Tampax.

There are 2 programs currently offered:

Always Changing and Growing Up Program (5th or 6th grade)

Specially designed for 5th/6th grade boys and girls, the Always Changing Puberty Education Program helps educators teach the important topics of puberty and development.

P&G School Programs is excited to offer educators a wide range of materials to help guide students and inform them about puberty. In each educator's kit, you'll find a Teacher's Guide as well as demonstration instructions and products.

Growing #LikeAGirl Health and Wellness Program (7th grade & up)

Growing #LikeAGirl Health and Wellness is a free program that’s perfectly designed for girls in the heart of growing up. Developed by a team of doctors, school nurses and health educators, this program makes learning about puberty and women’s health easy and comfortable for everyone involved.

At school, at home and even while dating, girls at this stage might feel as though they have too many questions and not enough answers. Our materials are designed to guide, while taking away the fear of asking and answering questions that might make them uncomfortable.

How to Participate:

It's easy to order for your school!  Go to www.pgschoolprograms.com and follow the instructions to place an order for your school.  Please note, this is only available for schools in the United States.  For information about our Canadian programs, please visit https://phecanada.ca/programs/always-changing.
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