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Does P&G have a school program or donate to schools?

While we don't have a sampling or donation program, we do offer excellent puberty education programs for educators in the United States.  A variety of P&G brands participate in these programs, including Secret, Old Spice and Tampax.

There are 2 programs currently offered:

Always Changing and Growing Up (5th grade girls and boys) and Always Growing Up Teen (7th grade girls)

Currently Always does not have a product sampling program or donation program available for schools.

As part of Always’ commitment to helping #EndPeriodPoverty by sparking conversation and taking action, we team up with Feeding America, a long-standing partner, to donate pads to keep girls in school. Through Feeding America’s network and school pantry program, these programs provide food, toiletries and personal care products to children who are most in need. You can visit http://www.always.com for more information.

For over 35 years Always’ PG School Program offers free materials for schools to help meet their curriculum needs in providing puberty education related to adolescent development. The Always Changing and Growing Up (5th grade girls and boys) and Always Growing Up Teen (7th grade girls) programs help students, educators and parents understand the changes students will experience throughout puberty and how to best prepare for these changes. Always has partnered with Tampax and Old Spice to develop the content and offer the program for free. All materials are available on the program website for free download or you can register your 5th or 7th grade school to order materials when ordering is available. You can visit http://PGSchoolPrograms.com for more information.


How to Participate:

It's easy to order for your school!  Go to www.pgschoolprograms.com and follow the instructions to place an order for your school.  Please note, this is only available for schools in the United States.  For information about our Canadian programs, please visit https://phecanada.ca/programs/always-changing.
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