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How can I get coupons and samples?

With just a few easy clicks, you can print P&G coupons by visiting P&Geveryday. Just register to become a member, log in to your account, add the coupons you want to your basket, and click "Print". If this is your first time printing, you'll need to verify your device by entering your mobile number. When you receive a text message a few seconds later, take the code you were sent, enter it on the computer, and then hit "Print Coupons". For more detailed printing instructions, see How to print P&G Everyday coupons?

For coupons you don't have to print, you can choose "Digital brandSAVER coupons" or "Newspaper coupons". By choosing "Digital brandSAVER coupons" you can enter your ZIP code to see the coupons available. When you click on a coupon you like, you'll see which stores in your area have a loyalty program or shopper card that you can add the coupon to. When you go to the store, just use your shopper card, or tell them your phone number (depending on the retailer) to use your digital coupon at checkout. If you choose "Newspaper Coupons" you can find out what newspapers in your area will have the P&G Brandsaver insert, and clip any available coupons directly from there.
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