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How can I share my idea with P&G?

We have a website where you can submit your idea. Keep in mind, this is for a new product, a new technology, a new business model, a new method, something you’ve trademarked, a new package, a new design innovation, or a patent/patent-pending of a technical nature you want to submit to us for review. Please visit our Connect + Develop website at www.pgconnectdevelop.com to learn more, including submission criteria and how to submit your innovation. You’ll also find a list of frequently asked questions on this page: www.pgconnectdevelop.com/how-to-submit-your-innovation/.
If you experience any technical issues with the Connect + Develop Innovation Portal (e.g., cannot access your account), please send an email to the Connect + Develop technical support team using the following email address: pgcd.im@pg.com  
Please note that we don’t accept or consider suggestions for product names, advertising material, songs, slogans, commercials, premiums, or competitions. We partner with advertising agencies for this.
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