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  • Oral-B Genius 9600 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush


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    The Genius 9600 is Oral-B’s most advanced electric toothbrush yet. Genius comes with Gum Protection and Position Detection technology, which uses bluetooth, your smartphone and facial recognition technology to allow you to see and improve your daily brushing habits, and provide you with real-time feedback about your brushing habits. Use the Oral-B App to seamlessly pair your Genius with a smartphone and you’re on your way to brushing like your dentist recommends. The 360 SmartRing with LED lights allows you to personalize your brushing experience with your choice of 12 colors. The SmartRing works with the integrated timer and pressure sensor to provide you with visual feedback on brushing time and brushing pressure. Together, they help you ensure you brush for the recommended 2-minutes while making sure you brush with appropriate pressure to protect your gums from over-brushing. The premium Smart Travel Case lets you charge your brush and smartphone (via USB) at the same time while using only one wall plug. Trust in the precision engineering of Braun and the dental expertise of Oral-B, the #1 brand used and recommended by dentists worldwide.

    • Gum Protection Technology app helps you see and improve the way you brush
    • Contains 3 genuine Oral-B replacement refills: 1 Pro Gum Care, 1 3D White, and 1 CrossAction
    • Pro Gum Care Refill gently clean the gumline without irritation
    • Electric Toothbrush featuring 6 cleaning modes to brush based on your specific oral care goals
    • Position Detection helps you brush every area for the right amount of time
    • Newly designed premium charger has a sleek, convex stay-clean design and is global voltage-enabled to allow great travel convenience
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    What's in the Box?

    • 3D White refill

      3D White refill

    • charger


    • crossaction refill

      crossaction refill

    • genius 9600 handle

      genius 9600 handle

    • Gum Care refill

      Gum Care refill


  • Oral-B Genius 8000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

    With Position Detection so you brush like your dentist recommends.

    Know you're getting a superior clean with the Oral-B Genius 8000 electric toothbrush*.

    Designed to help you brush like your dentist recommends, the Genius 8000 seamlessly connects with the Oral-B smartphone app via Bluetooth technology to provide you with customized real-time feedback about your brushing habits, including our highly advanced Position Detection technology that ensures you never miss a zone.

    The brush and app also provide time coaching to make sure you brush the recommended 2-minutes and include a pressure alert to protect your gums from over-brushing.

    This highly advanced brush features a dentist-inspired round head that surrounds and cups each tooth with dynamic oscillating, rotating and pulsating movements to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

    The 360 SmartRing with LED lights allows you to personalize your brushing experience with 12 colors while delivering visual feedback on your brushing pressure, brushing time and selected mode.

    Discover a revolution in oral care with the new intelligent Genius 8000 electric toothbrush, designed by Braun, and brought to you by Oral-B, the #1 brand used and recommended by dentists worldwide.

    • Accepted by the American Dental Association
    • Oral-B is the #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide
    • Winner of the 2019 Tech Award from Men’s Health

    *vs. a regular manual toothbrush

    $199.99-$249.99 MSRP