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  • Oral-B Pro-Health Manual Toothbrush

    You take one stroke, CrossAction takes many

  • Oral-B Pro-Health Vitalizer Advanced Toothbrush with Bristle Protection Technology

    Oral-B Pro-Health Vitalizer Advanced Toothbrush with Bristle Protection Technology

    The Oral-B Pro Health Vitalizer Advanced Toothbrush with Bristle Protection Technology is clinically proven to remove more plaque than a regular toothbrush. This toothbrush features unique CrossAction Bristles that are angled in opposing directions to remove up to 99% of hard-to-reach plaque.* Our Bristle Protection Technology helps keep your brush clean for up to three months.** Trust the Brand more dentists use themselves worldwide, Oral-B.

    • 600 extra-long bristles to help clean hard-to-reach places
    • Oral-B recommends brushing with Crest Toothpaste for
    optimal results

    *Based on a single-use study.
    **Inhibits microbial growth that may affect the bristles. The bristles do not kill bacteria in the mouth or protect you against disease. Always clean the product thoroughly after use.

  • Oral-B Pro-Health Compact Clean Toothbrush

    Unique Feathered Bristles to gently remove plaque.

    The Oral-B Pro-Health Compact Clean toothbrush features feathered bristle tips. Multiple cleaning tips per bristle create an Ultra Dense bristle field that gently and effectively removes plaque.

    • Multi-Flex Cleaning Tips gently removes plaque
    • Precision Control Head comfortably cleans all areas of the mouth
    • Comfort Grip Handle is ergonomically designed

  • Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Manual Toothbrush

    Flexing sides adjust to the unique coutours of your teeth

    This is the first and only toothbrush with individual Pro-Flex sides. These Pro-Flex sides adjust to the unique contours of your teeth and gums to remove more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush*. The brush’s flexibility helps Clinical Pro-Flex deliver an outstanding, gentle clean.

    - Removes up to 93% of plaque in hard-to-reach areas
    - Removes up to 34% more plaque along the gum line**
    - Works gently on enamel and gums
    - Reduces gingivitis to improve gum health

    *with regular use
    **when compared with a regular manual brush

  • Oral-B Pro-Health Sugar Defense Manual Toothbrush

    5X Cleaning Action

    Protect your teeth with Oral-B's Sugar Defense Toothbrush with 2.5x deeper reach to remove more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. The Sugar Defense toothbrush cleans hard to reach areas, in-between teeth, along the gumline, and on the tongue and cheek. It gives users a comfortable whole mouth clean experience and is easy and effortless to use. It provides the basic anti-cavity benefits you need in a toothbrush.

3D White

  • Oral-B 3D White Radiant Manual Toothbrush

    Whitens between teeth

    The Oral-B 3D White Radiant whitening toothbrush’s unique CrissCross Bristles are angled to whiten between teeth and lift out and sweep away plaque. The Power Tip Bristles’ extra length helps to clean those hard-to-reach places. Gentle enough for everyday use, the Soft Gum Massagers provide you with the comfortable clean you need to keep your smile feeling clean and looking radiant.

  • Oral-B 3D White Luxe Pulsar Manual Toothbrush

    Removes surface stains on and between teeth

    Oral-B Pulsar toothbrush is battery operated to gently vibrate and polish away stains for a whiter, cleaner smile. Using the same technique to brush as a manual toothbrush, the bristles vibrate providing a gentle massaging and polishing action while brushing. The bristles penetrate between teeth where stain build-up often begins. Plus, the split head design moderates the amount of pressure applied to your teeth and gums. Contouring to your unique smile, the Pulsar toothbrush will leave your smile bright and clean with every use.

    Battery-operated brushing for a brighter smile.

  • Oral B 3D White Glamorous Manual Toothbrush

    The Oral-B 3D White Glamorous Manual Toothbrush removes plaque and stains in just one week. The Soft Gum Massagers stimulate your gums while the center cup holds toothpaste to polish away surface stains.

    - PowerTip Bristles: Extra-long bristles to help clean hard to reach places
    - Interdental Row: Cleans in between teeth
    - Polishing Cups: Removes stains in 1 week for a naturally whiter smile
    - Oral-B, The brand more dentists use themselves worldwide
    - Oral-B recommends brushing with Crest Toothpaste for optimal results

  • Oral-B 3D White Luxe Pro-Flex Manual Toothbrush

    Removes up to 90% surface stains

    With Oral-B 3D White Pro-Flex toothbrush, you can discover a whiter smile. That’s because its dual-flexing head design, combined with a unique Stain Eraser, works together to remove up to 90% of surface teeth stains and reveal a more dazzling white smile. Gentle on gums, but tough on stains.